Fire stopping surveys

and fire compliance.

To meet the legal requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, building owners and occupiers must ensure that the fire compartmentation in their buildings is robust, adequately managed and maintained.

Optimum Contractors offer a range of Compliance Survey and Reports tailored to the client’s unique circumstance and priorities.

Fire compartment survey, full-itemised.

Optimum Contractors visually inspect all compartment walls and floors including within services risers, both above ceilings and beneath raised floors (where existing) and along corridors in the areas of the building identified on fire strategy drawings and report on their current condition.

Assess the integrity of all fire resistant elements in line with the pass fail criteria agreed in Fire Compartment Check Protocols. These are generally in compliance with the current British Standards, Approved Document B and in line with the original Fire Strategy for the building. Prepare a written report which will include representative photographs, advising on typical instances of non-compliance and areas of any special consideration.

Optimum will then produce a report / document that will include an itemised schedule numerically coded to the marked up drawings indicating each item of non-compliance with an accompanying photograph where possible. Please note that the inspection will focus on structural elements only.

Quotations can then be provided to the customer upon their request for work to correct any non-conformances.

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At Optimum Contractors, all our operatives use the Cloud based OneTrace App which has made fire traceability exceptional and has drastically reduced form filling, paperwork, scanning and e-mailing to our Customers. Photos taken with this mobile app along with materials used, are instantly synced to the cloud as well as having the function to mark-up locations on drawings using drag and drop technology.