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Optimum Contractors have, over the years, developed a large returning customer base, who rely on our high standards of workmanship, commitment, dedication and customer service. We continue to work hard to further our relationships in an evolving environment being proactive, always striving to maintain excellence and high quality in all aspects of our working relationships.

Greg McClelland

What is passive fire protection?

Passive Fire Protection is an integral component of structural fire protection and fire safety in a building. Products and systems used compartmentalise, contain and slow the spread of a fire and its smoke.

Built into the structure, passive fire protection provides stability in walls, floors, around pipework that ultimately restrict the growth and spread of a fire.

It protects and safeguards residents, employees, the fire service and members of the public when evacuating a premises, and reduces fire damage to the building structure itself.

Keeping track of projects in real-time.

At Optimum Contractors, all our operatives use the Cloud based OneTrace App which has made fire traceability exceptional and has drastically reduced form filling, paperwork, scanning and e-mailing to our Customers. Photos taken with this mobile app along with materials used, are instantly synced to the cloud as well as having the function to mark-up locations on drawings using drag and drop technology.