Fire doors / surveys.

In 2006, the law in England and Wales determined that all building owners, management companies, landlords, have a duty of care to its residents and tenants to ensure the Health and Safety of the occupants of that building be it an office, school, care home, block of flats or any other building other than a private dwelling.

Our qualified Fire Door Inspection and Installation Scheme (BM Trada & FDIS) team conduct fire door site surveys to existing properties and buildings.

We carry out an inspection on each door, including the framework, glazing, materials, intumescent fire and smoke seals, ironmongery (e.g. letter plates, latches, handles, locks, hinges) to identify if the structure complies with current regulations.

A full survey report will then be supplied to the customer that will include identification, description, site (locations) of the doors along with photographs of each door, its framework, and areas of non-compliance.

The survey will clearly indicate compliance or non-compliance and our recommendations for any remedial works or replacement as necessary to conform. The link below details the anatomy of a fire door:

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At Optimum Contractors, all our operatives use the Cloud based OneTrace App which has made fire traceability exceptional and has drastically reduced form filling, paperwork, scanning and e-mailing to our Customers. Photos taken with this mobile app along with materials used, are instantly synced to the cloud as well as having the function to mark-up locations on drawings using drag and drop technology.