Intumescent Paint.

One of the key assets involved in fire protection is intumescent paint. Intumescent paint works to extend the duration a building is able to bear higher temperatures.

This paint can be the difference between a fire spreading out of control, putting everyone’s lives in danger, and the fire being safely contained with reduced damage.

How does intumescent paint work?

Intumescent translated from Latin means “expand”.

When this paint is heated, it expands. If you apply intumescent paint to steel frameworks, you effectively provide an elevated level of fire protection without changing the structural makeup of the building. This can prove to be very cost-effective.

Application of intumescent paint comes in a variety of different ways with the most popular being a spray-application for an even surface.

Intumescent paint can be applied to wood, steel and a wide variety of materials. This paint can also be styled to your preference.

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